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Calla Lilies

Yellow Calla Lily Petite
Yellow Calla Lily Petite

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Calla Lily is a variety of Fresh Flowers from our Wholesale Flowers collection that is ideal for Christmas Floral Arrangements, Wedding Arch Flowers, Dining Room Centerpieces, Wedding Cake Flowers, Wedding Flower Centerpieces, Wedding Boutonniere, and much more. The Calla Lily Flower is one of the most popular selections of Flowers from brides and event planners because of the way they enhance the beauty of their Bouquet, and in particular, Calla Lily Bouquet. Calla Lily Arrangements are notable for making timeless photographs that will bring a lifetime of memories. The Calla Lily Plant Symbolizes innocence and purity and are extensively used in Spring Wedding Flowers and Summer Wedding Flowers. Our most popular colors are White Calla Lily, Purple Calla Lily, and Black Calla Lily. Other Calla Lily Colors include Burgundy Calla Lily, Orange Calla Lily, Red Calla Lily, Blue Calla Lily, Pink Calla Lily, and Yellow Calla Lily. They are a gorgeous Bloom.